Month: July 2022

Chanka Song

#chankä is a celebration of a young soul’s intimacy with its master and saviour Lord Jesus Christ. It praises the incomparable act of salvation whereby Jesus pours out his own blood, to cleanse it from the guilt of its uncleanliness. The soul determines to live a life of absolute oneness with the Lord in return of the incomparable love it received from the Master. This song is a celebrates the love of Christ the redeemer and longs to love Him back by offering life to him. Hope you loved the song.

Through this song we would like to bring to your attention some ministries happening among the underprivileged Christ Bhaktas in the Central India. Most of them don’t have the luxury of practicing their faith within the walls of a Church, but gather together in their own houses to pray. We had been working among them since some years, and as the ministries upscaled, we are in need of more prayer support. To know more about the ministries, get in touch with me on WhatsApp number +91-8848278115

Sincere thanks to Fr. Dheeraj Sabu IMS for the encouragement.

Remembering Shelton Pinheiro with gratitude for the guidance. Courtesy to for the animated character, which helped me save a lot of time in production.

Leo Antony deserves much praise for the hardworking done in mixing and programming.

Thankfully Remembering Blesson and Freddy for the vocals..